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Stephanie, Elementary Teacher

"Jake the Dragon Talker gratifies the appetite for a story of adventure, humor, and heart.  Fans of dragon lore dive into the world of Drakenaarde with Jake, a reluctant and unexpected protagonist who would really rather stay home and keep his fingernails from getting too dirty.  I appreciate how Haan created a story around a neurodivergent character without making it a story about being neurodivergent.  The short chapters keep the action moving and make it easy to justify, "Well, maybe just one more..."    Teachers and parents will welcome having a high-quality series to recommend to middle-grade fantasy fans without any reservations about mature content for this age group.  Young readers will simply relish the cast of characters which captures the awkward, bold, loyal, searching, and adventurous experience that involves coming of age.  All will love the expressive writing and the themes of bravery, friendship, and triumph of good over evil."

Emmitt, 5th grade

"Jake the Dragon Talker is definitely an excellent read for any sci-fi fantasy lover. This book has been one of my favorite reads. I loved all of the twists and turns in the plot, and how the author really makes you feel compassionate for the main character. And he also made the bad guy really dislikeable. No doubt that once you pick up this book, you won’t be able to put it down."

Brooks, 7th grade

“While I was reading the book, Jake the Dragon Talker, by Eric Haan, I realized that this was a book that I could not put down. Admittedly, I am a slow reader, but this felt like a very fast and fun read. In this book you can’t expect anything. Every scene is so amazingly diverse yet still creating a web that in the end makes perfect sense. Haan leaves no detail unshared, no question unsolved other than the exciting cliffhanger. He lets you bask in the suspense then out of the blue he yanks you towards something he’d been hinting at the entire book. I would recommend this book to any medieval, Lord of the Rings type lover. I give this book five out of five stars for impressive descriptiveness and unique creativity.”
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