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Xander - Front Cover Small for Ebook - v. 1.0 01.19.24 - converted from PDF.jpg

                  NOW AVAILABLE!

Xander, sister to Jake the Dragon Talker, daughter of a goatherd, peerless stable girl, is a resilient, intelligent young woman. She even has special abilities that some would call magic. But since that dramatic business with the dragon and the wizard, she avoids attention. Fortunately, she is an expert in camouflage.


She’s happy keeping a low profile until she is kidnapped and carried off to be sold. Tricked and trapped, Xander starts a new life in the murky twilight of amnesia. Jake and Emelina try to free her, but the new Xander isn’t interested

in freedom, and the rescuers become the captives.


With Jake’s life at stake, Xander must remember who she is and choose –

step into the light and make a stand…

or remain hidden in the shadows.

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